Our Windows are supplied by one of Europes leading companies, Inliten. Designed and developed in one of the most advanced extrusion facilities in Europe, Inliten is a unique and superior-performance PVCu profile system and product range. Combining innovative design with advanced manufacturing techniques, Inliten represents the next generation of PVCu windows and doors. Inliten products meet the sustainability demands of the current climate without compromising on quality or performance.

Recycling & Extrusion: Camden are committed to the environment, ensuring that all scrap PVCu material is recycled at our onsite facility. This material is then granulated and extruded to create a new sustainable product.


Frame Production: Frame production has been at the core of Camden’s business for over 30 years. Our vast production facilities and advanced technologies allow us to manufacture up to 10,000 frames per week.


Vertical Slider & Composite Door Production: Camden manufactures a range of high-performance Vertical Sliders and Composite Doors; each product range is designed to provide excellent thermal efficiency, security and aesthetic appeal.


Foiling & Spray Booth Facilities: Our onsite facilities allow us to offer a range of foil laminate frame finishes and spray-painted colours to match any RAL code or colour.


Glass: Camden's state-of-the-art glass production facility allows us to manufacture a range of high-performance glazing units suitable for both the domestic and commercial sectors. 


Aluminium Products: Camden’s onsite aluminium production facility allows us to offer a range of stylish and multi-functional aluminium bi-fold doors, residential doors and windows.




Palladio doors are proud to present their new composite door. We think that you will agree that it has been woth the wait. it is by a long measure, in our opinion, the finest composite door on the market at present. With ten years research and development they have created the perfect door for you home.

Your front door is a very important feature in your home. You need to have confidence that your front door is doing its job for you and your family by providing you with and security, warmth and style. We believe these are the 3 most important factors in deciding what type of product to use for your home.

Palladio doors have a door style and  colour to suit everyone, with an added bonus of diferent options on glass inset. The technology used to manufacture the door ensures that your product is future proofed and will give you many years of quality service.

Palladio doors are made from a 1 piece monocoque construction and are virtually indestructible. All our decorative glazed panels are made from toughened safety glass for your peace of mind.


All palladio doors are double rebated. That means that you have to secure seals on the door that are guaranteed to keep out any wind or rain that the irish climate has to offer. The solid part of the door leaf has been tested to achieve a u value of 0.205 and the combined u value of the triple glazed door is 0.98


Palladio doors are made from a 1 piece monocoque construction and are virtually indestructible. All our decorative glazed panels are made from toughened safety glass for your peace of mind.As you will see from the video test on the door, the palladio door is extremely strong.All doors feature an 8 point hook locking system with a dead latch. The locking system is pas 23/24 approved and secured by design approved.


More Info Please

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Conservatories & Sunrooms

Conservatories & Sunrooms

 Welcome to the world of  Conservatories, where the beauty of the outdoors meets the comfort of your home in our custom designed glass conservatories, pool houses, pool enclosures, garden rooms and traditional skylights.

Alongside our goal that the conservatory look as though it was always part of the original structure or grounds, we believe the beauty and detailing of these extraordinary spaces profoundly influences those who live in them. Mood and behavior cannot help but be influenced by such an intimate connection to the outdoors. We design these spaces as active, not passive, so that the conservatory goes beyond being merely beautiful to being a catalyst for creating a beautiful life. We strive to create architecture that leads to happiness.

The enjoyment of our  conservatories is never ending. You and your family and guests will gravitate toward the light at all times of the day and in all seasons. From classic hardwood conservatories to aluminum sunrooms, we bring you the experience that comes from having completed over one thousand projects, designed and built specially for you.

1. What do I need a conservatory for?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is; what needs does building a conservatory fulfil for me? Is it going to be used as an evening room, a reading room, a room for entertaining guests, a room that gives more space to your existing kitchen/dining room or as a room that lets you admire nature at its best.

2. What type of conservatory will meet my needs?

There are various types, styles, and sizes of conservatories; they can be classified into two main groups, glass or solid roof conservatories, sunrooms 
Glass conservatories are a great way to extend a room and maintain maximum light penetration to the extended room. 
Solid roof conservatories are a great way to maximise the use the conservatory throughout the year as they retain more heat in winter time and protect against overheating during the summer months, making them the most popular type.
Sunrooms are a great way to extend your home and keep the original character of the house throughout the extension, this type is of a solid block full height wall construction and we incorporate all the character of your house into it so it looks as if it was always part of the house.

Based on your requirements and needs one these types will in style and size fit into your vision of what best suits your requirements.

3. What are the next steps?

The next step is simple all you need to do is contact us for a site visit which is free of charge, based on choices from above questions and browsing our portfolio of jobs completed you will already have a good idea of what you desire, it’s very important to have a comprehensive site visit carried out as this is critical to ascertain what can be achieved in the design stage because all site characteristics vary, with your desires and our experience in the field a comprehensive solution can be achieved.

4. Why choose a conservatory from us?

By choosing us, you are choosing a quality product with a professional company that guarantees all its work.

5. Do I need Planning Permission?

We can give you comprehensive planning advice during the site visit and will inform you if planning is required.

6. Who carries out your work?

We take great pride in the fact that we carry out all works by our dedicated tradesmen, all works are carried out with strict adherence to all building regulations, standards and codes.

7. What size conservatory should I consider?

This will depend on what uses you have in mind for the conservatory and we will advise you on an appropriate size during the site visit, but you are not limited to any specific size as we tailor build all our conservatories to meet your requirements.

8. What options do I have for the conservatory?

Your options are limited only by your imagination and desires, we have built many conservatories that are contemporary and unique in design and build. We can incorporate chimneys, kitchens, open plan extension, vaulted ceilings, change in floor levels and are limited only by imagination.

9. How long does it take to complete?

In normal circumstances it takes between 6 and 7 weeks to complete but in some cases it can take less depending on the size and design of project. 

For solid roof conservatories and sunrooms we use supalite roof systems please browse through available roofing options for whats available.

For Glass roof options we use Synseal Products



Replacements Windows

Replacements Windows

Saving on Energy Costs

Savings, savings, savings. Many people today are looking for as many ways as possible to help save money and cut back on their expenses, this is a trend that is especially true when it comes to saving on energy costs. Many homeowners have started tightening their belts when it comes to making certain that their homes are properly insulated to keep the heat or air inside and the elements outside. One of the ways to help do this is by utilizing replacement windows, this can be especially important when it comes to replacing windows in Ireland.

Quality Windows to insulate your Home

Despite its obvious beauty, Ireland can also experience very unpredictable weather, which makes using quality windows a must to help properly insulate a home. No you dont have to sacrifice style for quality. The fact is that now you can have style, function and quality, all in one package.

Long term savings

Replacing a house full of windows and doors can be a daunting picture, but when you look at the overall picture and see that the potential energy savings will far outweigh the initial costs over the lifetime of the products, window replacement makes good economic sense. This can be especially true when it comes to insulating against the elements of Ireland. Not only does it help with insulating and protecting your home against the weather, it also provides much improved sound insulation which is great if you live near busy roads, busy neighbourhood or simple value the peace and quiet they provide.


Building regulations and safety requirements may have changed since your property put in windows. The latest building regulations have made a lot of changes in regard to the size of openings paying particular attention to fire escape opening.


Replacing Windows in Ireland

The variable weather is the reason its so vital to make certain that when you are replacing windows in Ireland that you utilise the best windows possible to help cut your energy costs as much as possible. Not only will you save money on fuel bills , but your home will be comfortable as well and have a rejuvenated look to it. provide energy efficient windows and guarantee all their customers quality windows that will look beautiful in their homes. We at will work with you to ensure replacement windows suit your home's needs.

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