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U-values take into account all components of the window including the frame, glass and spacer bar; therefore the lower the U-value, the more energy efficient the window. Inliten double glazed windows offer U-values of 1.4 as standard (‘A’ rating), with the option to reduce the overall U-value to 1.2. By selecting Inliten triple glazed windows (featuring Soft Coat Xtra and Argon gas) you can further reduce the whole window U-value to only 0.8 w/m2 K. Inliten windows are independently tested and certified, and exceed building regulation requirements for energy efficiency, which can be beneficial if renting or selling a property. 


Inliten 0.8 u-value Features and Benefits:

With Argon filled units there is no need for expensive Krypton gas.

Steel reinforcing is much better than plastic reinforcing.

40mm mechanically strong and flush fitting beads; designed specifically for Inliten windows.

Multiple chambers allow for better insulation.

Fitter-friendly 40mm glass units as standards means quicker fitting for the clients.

Float/Low E Soft Coat unit.

Glass U-Value of only 0.6w/m2K

Inliten 70mm system with 50/60mm outer

Available in full range of Inliten colours

Certified by independant approved simulator

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