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Inliten products meet the stringent sustainability demands of the current climate without compromising on quality or performance. 

Waste Reduction

Inliten’s innovative manufacturing processes virtually eliminates any material wastage. Our recycling facility has the capacity to reduce the amount of waste material going to landfill by up to 55 tonnes per week. In fact we ensure that all our Inliten frames feature up to 80% recycled material.


Carbon Emissions

Inliten frames are energy efficient by design; multi-chambers within the profile system significantly reduce heat and energy loss from inside the home. By selecting Inliten frames you can reduce frame carbon emissions by up to 70%.


Energy Efficiecy

Inliten products are designed for maximum energy efficiency. By specifying Inliten, you can be sure of only the highest standards in performance, thermal efficiency and sustainability. Select Inliten triple glazed windows for whole window U-values as low as 0.8 w/m2 K.



Lead-free products are in high demand in today’s current climate, especially in PVCu products where it may cause frame discolouration. All Inliten products are therefore 100% lead free on all visible surfaces, ensuring the frame retains its long term appearance and performance.


Frame Longevity

Innovative design and development ensures that Inliten products feature 100% virgin PVCu skins on all external surfaces. This ensures a longer term performance without compromising on overall quality or appearance. Inliten products are covered by an exclusive 15 year product performance guarantee. I

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