What is U-Value?


U-value is how the industry measures the energy efficiency of PVC windows. The lower the U- value, the lower the amount of heat loss. The U-value of our glass is 0.8 U value W/m2.k. With the high cost of heating your homes, our aim is to save you money with our award winning double-glazed windows

Can intruders remove glazing to gain access?

Our windows are internally glazed for maximum security which means the glass cannot be removed from the outside.

Do you supply obscure glass?


We offer a variety of obscure glass types for your consideration. Ranging from high intensity obscurity for bathrooms to a delicate obscurity for second floor windows. Our Flemish obscure glass is hugely popular and comes highly recommended by us as a mid range obscure glass.

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I've heard you can paint these Palladio doors?

Yes, you can paint the opening section (the door leaf) of all our Palladio Doors. You cannot paint the frame or sidelines.

Is the Palladio door the same as all other UPVC or aluminium doors?

No, the Palladio Door is a far superior door because it is made in a one piece monocoque shell from extremely strong GRP. It is a much heavier and stronger door than any uPVC or aluminium door.

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