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Our Windows are supplied by one of Europes leading companies, Inliten. Designed and developed in one of the most advanced extrusion facilities in Europe, Inliten is a unique and superior-performance PVCu profile system and product range. Combining innovative design with advanced manufacturing techniques, Inliten represents the next generation of PVCu windows and doors. Inliten products meet the sustainability demands of the current climate without compromising on quality or performance.

Recycling & Extrusion: Camden are committed to the environment, ensuring that all scrap PVCu material is recycled at our onsite facility. This material is then granulated and extruded to create a new sustainable product.


Frame Production: Frame production has been at the core of Camden’s business for over 30 years. Our vast production facilities and advanced technologies allow us to manufacture up to 10,000 frames per week.


Vertical Slider & Composite Door Production: Camden manufactures a range of high-performance Vertical Sliders and Composite Doors; each product range is designed to provide excellent thermal efficiency, security and aesthetic appeal.


Foiling & Spray Booth Facilities: Our onsite facilities allow us to offer a range of foil laminate frame finishes and spray-painted colours to match any RAL code or colour.


Glass: Camden's state-of-the-art glass production facility allows us to manufacture a range of high-performance glazing units suitable for both the domestic and commercial sectors. 


Aluminium Products: Camden’s onsite aluminium production facility allows us to offer a range of stylish and multi-functional aluminium bi-fold doors, residential doors and windows.


15 year Product Guarantee.

Our products offer the highest standards in quality and performance. We are pleased to offer an exclusive 15 year product guarantee on all Inliten profile and products, including white and foil laminate colours.

0.8 U-Values

For maximum thermal efficiency select our high-performance triple glazed windows. Featuring Soft Coat Xtra glass and Argon gas fill, Inliten triple glazed windows achieve whole window U-values as low as 0.8 w/m2 K.


Inliten products have been designed to meet the sustainability demands of the current climate without compromising on quality or performance. Our advanced recycling and manufacturing process eliminates material wastage by up to 55 tonnes per week.

Colour Range

Inliten products are fully sculptured, giving a shaped and curved appearance for extra character. Personalise your Inliten windows and doors with a traditional grain-effect foil finish, or a sleek and smooth spray-painted RAL colour finish.

Casement windows

The casement style window is the most popular and versatile winow design and offers superb protection from both wind and rain. Hinged either on top or on the side, casement windows are very versatile and are the most energy option for most homes, and vith the vast range of styles and decorative finishes available, our casement windows are esigned to compliment every home.

Tilt & Turn

With ttheir inovative hinge system, Tilt & Turn windows offer additional security and convenience features to the traditional casement window. Incredibly easy to operate in the tilt position , the top tilts in towards the room to provide enhanced ventilation. In the turn position the window opends inwards a full 90 degrees making it suitable as a fire escape exit and also allowing the exterior of the winow to be safely and easily cleaned from inside the house.

Shaped Windows

Shaped frames can create a real stand-out feature and unique look to your home for any new build or renovation project. Through our advanced moulding and forming technology, we can create frames in vitually any shape from round portholes to gothic arches and any symetrical or un smmetrical shape you can come up with.

All shaped frames are designed to complement our window and door range; with a fully sculpted frame finish and a range of colour and glazing options available.

French Windows

Stylish, secure and versatile, french windows; designed in the same style as French doors add a sense of elegance to any home. With tow outward openings, and the facility to open either one or both sides simultaneously, French windows maximise ventilation and also serve as a fire escape exit.



Secured by Design

Inliten products are strong and durable by design. Advanced multi-pont locking systems are fitted to our all products, ensuring your home is kept safe and secure. Inliten products meet the requirements of ‘Secured by Design’. Check out our security page for a more detailed view of our security features.



'A' Rating as standard

Inliten products are thermally efficient by design; multi-chambers within the profile, combined with energy efficient glazing, reduces heat loss and home heating bills. All Inliten double glazed windows achieve WER “A” ratings as standard.

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